£40m Real Madrid Ace Emerged Surprise Candidate to Join Man Utd

Manchester United would love to get their hands on one of Real Madrid’s starting attackers, but that might cost Jose Mourinho a fortune. Instead, United are contemplating a move for one of Los Blancos’ reserves. Such a move still wouldn’t be cheap for the Red Devils.

The Daily Star claims that United are keeping close tabs on Marco Asensio. The 21-year-old midfielder gets significant match time for Zinedine Zidane, but can’t nail down a place in his starting XI. That’s nothing to be ashamed of though. He plays behind world-class stars like Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez and Isco.

His relatively low standing in the Real Madrid pecking order might make you think United could scoop him up for a bargain fee. Think again. Los Blancos still want a transfer fee of at least £40 million for the young Spaniard.


That might be a little above his market value, but it’s certainly a reasonable ask by Real Madrid. Asensio has a great deal of talent, and his age means that the prime of his career is still several seasons away. It’s certainly possible that Asensio could develop into one of Real Madrid’s next great attacking midfielders.

In the end, United must decide what sort of player they believe Asensio will become. If they think he’s got the potential to break into Real Madrid’s starting XI soon, then paying £40 million for his services is a smart purchase. If they think he’s destined to remain a backup for the next several years, then a fee of approximately half Real Madrid’s asking price would be more reasonable.

My guess is that Manchester United aren’t exactly sure which way Asensio’s career is going to go. As such, they’ll pass on the chance to acquire the talented star. Instead, they will look to spend the same amount of money on a more proven commodity when the summer transfer window opens.

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