Few details left for Man Utd deal to be made official, Woodward agrees to pay €35m + €5m

This is the Victor Lindelof week.

If Manchester United don’t sign him now, it will be hard to believe things can get that hot in the future.

As you have probably seen in the past few days, we’ve covered a few articles about the signing already. Some said United wanted the defender for €45m, others claimed that Benfica would play hard and demand €60m.

The latest story, published by O Jogo, claims Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira would be on his way to England to sell the defender plus Nelson Semedo for a total of €95m.

Anyway, it’s interesting to see Record also think things regarding Lindelof are pretty close to being done now.

In Thursday’s edition, they claim that only a few details need to be sorted for clubs to find an agreement and for everything then to be made official, with the entire saga brought to a close.

Lindelof would be moving on a €35m deal, with another €5m depending on performance bonuses.

It’s claimed it’a Ed Woodward who has agreed to pay that fee. At least on behalf of Manchester United.

Record say the transfer should be made official ‘very soon’. In a side note, they also claim Manchester United are interested in negotiating for Nelson Semedo too, but this is a totally different deal.

What will happen next, will Manchester United finally sign their first Benfica player since the never ending saga began? Will another club swoop in and get a deal done out of the blue? Will Victor Lindelof spend the rest of his career in Lisbon and take Portuguese citizenship?

Stay tuned.

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