Man Utd have made ‘remarkable advance’ in ‘recent days’ to sign versatile star

Manchester United and Fabinho rumours have simmered for the past few days without really getting to the boil. A few days ago French newspaper L’Equipe linked Fabinho with Manchester City, saying Pep Guardiola’s side had ‘expressed interest’ in signing the Brazilian, but there was nothing about Jose Mourinho.

Able to play either as a right back of a midfielder, the 23-year old’s versatility at a genuinely high level means he’d be a boost to most squads. Given this is the summer he’s expected to leave AS Monaco, unlike some of his linked away teammates, it’s perhaps a surprise there’s not more of a clamour.

Marca seem to believe Manchester United are motoring on, taking the place of Atletico Madrid thanks to the Spanish club’s transfer ban. There wasn’t a great deal of concrete reporting, or perhaps any, suggesting Fabinho was on the verge of a move to Atletico, but this is Marca’s slant and we’ll go with it.

Manchester United have, according to the Spanish newspaper, made a ‘remarkable advance’ in ‘recent days’ to sign the Brazilian.

Have they? Well, Marca certainly think so.

This would be a sensible signing, building a quality squad for another long season. It’s not the most exciting prospect on the market, as Manchester United fans are encouraged to get starry eyed about primary striker target after primary striker target, but Fabinho would likely be a sensible purchase.

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