Officially: Man United Boss Ends Deal

JOSE MOURINHO’s sponsorship deal with car giant Jaguar has officially come to an end.

The Manchester United boss became a brand ambassador for the British company in 2014.

He has been involved in several advertising campaigns and Jaguar were among the first to confirm his appointment as United boss last summer.

But according to the MailOnline, the Portuguese’s contract has now ended with no agreement in place for an extension.

In his last advert for Jaguar, Mourinho spoke of his passion for winning trophies.

He said: ”My teams have won many titles, but I still want more.

“I’ve worked with the biggest names in the world’s most famous cities – but you achieve nothing if you stand still.

“I have got the biggest job in the country, one of the biggest jobs in the world, and a job that I can imagine everyone in the world would like to have, but it’s a difficult one.

“Every minute I have is dedicated to my job, and my career has been rich, beautiful, but I have a big problem, I always want the next one.”

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