The Daily Alvaro Morata: Man United plan ‘important’ new offer quickly, agreement closer

After an absence of a few days, there’s finally enough reasonable material to relaunch The Daily Alvaro Morata, a look at what is being claimed in the Spanish press about the striker’s proposed transfer to Manchester United.

Marca are wrapped up in Theo Hernandez on Tuesday, with the Atletico Madrid owned player on the verge of signing for Real Madrid. Then there’s the tussle with Barcelona to sign Dani Ceballos, a Marca journalist sent to Costa Rica to learn absolutely everything about Keylor Navas, and only a little snippet about Morata.

But it’s an important little snippet, and the most important information of the past week. Marca reiterate their claim that Morata’s father Alfonso and his agent Junama Lopez were at the Bernabeu on Monday for a meeting.

Unlike Morata’s supposed trip to the Bernabeu last week, we know this one actually happened, with the Spanish media quickly producing photographic evidence.

Over to AS, who give the situation a great deal more attention than Marca. The agent and father visit is of course mentioned, and AS’s Eduardo Fernandez-Abascal takes it a little further.

The two clubs have got closer to each other, and there could be an agreement in the next 72 hours. To help this happen, AS claim Manchester United plan to make ‘an important offer in the coming hours’.

And that is the crux, because until Manchester United make another offer, nothing changes.

In a little section contained in their main article, AS look at what has happened so far and what may happen from now onwards.

It’s stated that Manchester United made their first offer on June 23rd, and that was ‘close to €70m’. Real Madrid rejected it, but the clubs are getting closer and now the signing seems a ‘matter of days’ away.

Jose Mourinho is said to be pushing things, wanting Morata for preseason. It’s even pointed out that Morata could play against Real Madrid on July 23rd.

Over in Catalonia the newspapers are enjoying the Morata saga, if only to poke Real Madrid with a stick. Sport report on Tuesday that Morata is ‘desperate’ for the transfer, but Manchester United need to up their €70m offer closer to Madrid’s €90m asking price.

Sport also claim that the David De Gea saga could be having an impact, with there being mistrust on both sides.

Mundo Deportivo believe Real Madrid will sell at €80m, meaning the difference is only €10m.

The big things to take out of all the claims over the past day or so are Morata’s mini entourage storming the Bernabeu, showing real intent, and AS saying Manchester United plan to very quickly make a new ‘important’ offer.

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