Watch: Mou answers a reporter’s phone during a press conference

A good rule of thumb is to always keep your phone on silent, particularly when you are using that phone to record the press conference of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

On Friday, as Mourinho addressed media ahead of his team’s Sunday clash with Liverpool, a mobile phone at Mourinho’s table began to ring. He picked it up and, after a few words with a woman on the other end, handed it to a blushing reporter.

As Sports Illustrated noted, the woman on the other end was a producer for talkSPORT, and she has already changed her Twitter avatar:

Manchester United have been on an incredible 9 game winning streak, their longest since 2009. No wonder he is in such a good mood. The Red Devils welcome their traditional rivals Liverpool this weekend.

If United can pull off the win they will be within two points of the Reds, once having trailed them by 10 points. Jose Mourinho’s good spirits will also help the atmosphere in the dressing room. In this vein of form, they could even overhaul Chelsea’s lead at the top.

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