Alexis Sanchez names two reasons why he flopped at Man United

Alexis Sanchez believes a lack of playing time and constant changes at Manchester United were to blame for his failure to impress at the club.

Unites paid a fortune to sign Sanchez from Arsenal, but the Chilean never lived up to his reported £500,000-a-week contract. Sanchez was offloaded to Inter on loan this summer and explained his failure to make the mark at United came down to two things.

‘(Romelu) Lukaku and I trained very well,’ Sanchez told ESPN. ‘But we needed to play more in games to get to our best. It wasn’t the right time for us to be at Manchester. Too many changes. When you change that much, it’s tough.’

Sanchez did not score under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his former team-mate Romelu Lukaku was instrumental in convincing him to sign for Inter.

Lukaku has held nothing back since confirming his exit from United, hitting out at the Red Devils for scapegoating him.

‘Scapegoated, meaning “you are the reason”,’ he said. ‘This could be the team I need. There’s the love I have for this area. The love that I have for Inter. And it was the perfect moment for me to leave England. I didn’t want to be there anymore.’